Jump Science 2.0

Hey, everyone. My name is Daniel Back; I'm the guy in the video above and the founder of this site. I am not an especially gifted athlete genetically, but I was able to gain the ability displayed in the video through proper training. And I love to help others improve their ability as well. I am an athletic development coach with a strong desire for knowledge and a passion for helping people become the best athletes they can be. I have been training athletes in person as well as sharing information and helping people via internet since 2009. I take pride in my work, and there is nothing more satisfying to me than developing great athletes.

Over the years, I have learned a lot about sports training through various college courses (I have a degree in Exercise Science.) and my own personal research and experimentation. Most importantly, the experience of training people has taught me more than any class ever could. It has become very apparent to me that a lot of people are clueless or terribly misinformed when it comes to training for sports. I created this site to attempt to remedy that situation by providing high quality sports training information to the public. Over time, it has developed into one of the best sources of sports training information on the internet, free or otherwise. This site was originally founded to help people with vertical jump training, but all the information can be applied to improving any athletic movement you desire.

Now on to the good stuff, the Jump Science 2.0 Training Program. During my years training athletes, I have observed and discussed training with literally thousands of different people. That experience has taught me that athletes vary greatly in the various physical qualities that determine athleticism. That variation requires that training be customized to the abilities of an athlete. Different athletes should do different training. Years ago I had sample programs posted on the site, but the problem is they were only appropriate for a fraction of the people that visited. This frustrated me, so I began writing programs for all types of athletes. But even then, I had no definite way of communicating who should do what. As I continued to learn, I began trying to classify athletes to easily determine what kind of training each should do. After much trial and error, writing, rewriting, experimentation, and tweaking, I finalized a system for evaluating and classifying athletes based on some basic training measures. I then wrote complete vertical jump training programs for athletes that fit into the various categories. That was the original Jump Science program, which was great. I spent a few years developing that system, and it was the best vertical jump training on the internet.

But that was in 2011. I have not been dormant since then. I have been training people, experimenting, reading, studying, and learning... and learning... and learning. As I learned, I did make some updates to the original program, but eventually I realized I needed to make a whole new product that reflected all that I had learned. That is what spurned Jump Science 2.0. This product features better information, a better athlete evaluation, better programs, better exercise videos, better stretching... better everything.

Here are some more details...

I've developed a simple evaluation process that classifies athletes into different levels based on flexibility, mechanics (how you move), strength, and jumping ability.

There are six different training levels with a separate program for each. The levels are set up for an athlete to be able to progress to one of the advanced levels. This is not just a quick fix program. Fast results do happen (check the testimonials page) but the training included in Jump Science 2.0 can take an athlete all the way to an elite level of athleticism over time.

The programs are 9, 15 or 18 weeks long. The longer programs feature harder training and include rest weeks. The programs are broken up into 3-week segments called training phases. The phases are designed to create smart adjustments to your training as you progress through the program. The exercises and training strategies are switched up to prevent stagnancy and provide new challenges.

The training consists of a daily routine and three intense workouts per week. This amount of training allows athletes to spend time playing their sport as well.

If you do not have time to complete the whole program, you can still benefit greatly from just part of it. It is not uncommon for athletes to jump 3 inches higher after the first 3 weeks of training.

The training is very comprehensive. It addresses all the physical qualities that contribute to athleticism, which are skill, flexibility, mechanics, strength, explosiveness, and bounce. The workouts include jumping, sprinting, various plyometrics, strength training, and some hybrid exercises. Warmup, stretching, and some other things to include in your training are also covered.

Listed with the exercises are sets/reps, recommended weights, rest periods, and some other details such as when to add weight or how high of a box to use.

The program is centered around the vertical jump, but it is designed to improve all-around athleticism. Speed, acceleration, quickness, any movement that is practiced regularly can be improved along with jumping ability.

The improvements gained from this training are long-lasting. You can do this training in the off-season, and it will continue to benefit your athleticism for the entire competitive season. Again, the goal is long-term progress.

Jump Science 2.0 features new stretching videos and a lot of new exercise videos. For the original program, all but five of the stretching and exercise videos are public on youtube. You can see those on the Exercise Videos and Stretching Videos pages (tabs are above). For Jump Science 2.0, many of the old videos have been replaced by new videos, some which feature better technique and/or better instruction. Only a couple of the new videos will be public on youtube.

I am using a delivery system for Jump Science 2.0 that will allow me to do updates that users will have automatic access to, so the value will continue to increase. Since the release of the product, an upper body training program has been added along with some extra informational videos. I have plans to improve the equipment-free training program from the original product and add that as well.

The price for the instructions, the athlete evaluation, all the programs, and all the stretching and exercise videos is $34. To be honest, this product is worth far more than that. This is some seriously high quality information, training programs, and videos. It is without a doubt the best jump training on the internet. $34 is a STEAL!

The files and videos are stored online in a Google Drive folder. I do not have an automated way of giving customers access. When you make a payment, I have to manually add your email to the online folder to give you access. You will get an email inviting you to view the folder. You will have to be signed in to your email any time you want to access the files. After you make the payment, you won't get immediate access. You have to wait until I give you access. That is often within a few minutes of the payment being processed, but if I'm busy or sleeping it could be longer. I understand this is not the ideal way to operate, but it allows me keep the program inexpensive. You can make the payment by clicking the Paypal button below. Paypal or any credit or debit card will work.

I hate sales pages, so I'm not going to spend time trying to convince you that this training will deliver "insane results in only a couple of weeks!" Honestly, training athleticism does not have to be complicated. Nobody really has any "vertical jump secrets" or "revolutionary formulas." Those are just claims made to convince people that a product is worth their hard-earned money. A solid training program is not fancy. It is simply based on good knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics, as well as knowledge and experience in various training methods. It also must address the individual abilities of the athlete. The training in the Jump Science program is not crazy or bizarre. In fact it's quite simple in some ways. For example, improving functional strength is a huge component of sports training. That is not a secret. As one might expect, the strength training in the program is targeted toward improving functional strength. That's basic logic, right? But for some reason a lot of coaches and a lot of training programs lose sight of the basic goal of making athletes stronger. People use weight lifting to condition athletes, or to mimic sports movements, or to work on balance, or (this one drove me crazy when I heard it) to teach athletes to move with different centers of mass. C'mon people! This is just one example of a way in which training programs can lose their effectiveness. The evaluation process in Jump Science 2.0 identifies the needs of an athlete and the training directly targets those needs. If you need to get stronger, you lift hard. If you need to get more flexible, you stretch every day. No effort is wasted on exercises that just look cool or are really fancy. No effort is wasted training skills that don't matter. No effort is wasted on stuff that kinda trains this and kinda trains that. No effort is wasted on just getting you really tired. There is no nonsense involved. The training methods target, in the best way possible, the specific abilities that contribute to athleticism. That is what makes the Jump Science 2.0 training effective.

Whether or not you want to buy Jump Science 2.0, I just want to encourage you to check out the info on the site. There are a lot of important topics covered in the articles; people find them highly informative and easy to understand. If you've ever been confused about how to jump higher or run faster, please take the time to go through the articles. It will help. Also check out the exercise and stretching videos. People generally appreciate the clear instruction and attention to detail put into those. There is a lot of great information here, more than I should ever be giving away for free. But my nature is to serve people, so enjoy. I also share a lot of good info via the jump-science.com facebook page. I use that like a blog where I can post training tips, useful links, answers to training questions, etc. You can follow me on Twitter too. I post updates there as well, but you'll also have to deal with a little bit of me being me. I will never try to market anything. Links are in the sidebar.

Rather than getting rich or popular, my ultimate goal is to develop incredible athletes and help educate people on how to train for their sport intelligently. Whether you're looking for a detailed workout program, personal coaching, or just good sports training information, you can find it here. Thanks for visiting.